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Prepare Your Class for the BI Academy Material


  • The BIA users has to be setup by us. Please send us an email, including:
    1. number of students
    2. the courses, you want to use
    3. date, you want to start and end
  • ⇒ you will receive a list with user names. We will also create databases for your students.
  • Pick the first user name for you. Some lecture notes will be displayed only for a user that have tailing ZEROS!

The file looks like this:

We pass a scissor and the list with the user names around the class. The students cut a line off the paper :-) Old fashion, but it works!

Software required

We need 4 software packages:

  • Microsoft's Visual Studio Data Tools
  • Stefano Cazzella's Dimensional Fact Modeler
  • Microsoft's PowerBI Desktop
  • Microsoft's Excel, incl. PowerPivot

Here is an installation guide.

It takes less than 1 hour to install the software on a Windows PC. Apple users need a MS Windows runtime OS.
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