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Before you Start

What It Is About

Easy and clever is a concept to transfer knowledge that is easy to understand and has a low price. We have created some typical and sometimes tricky business scenarios and case studies in order to demonstrate good practice as well as challenges you will find in daily business life. It is not our intention to walk through all of the features and functions of software tools. We want you to learn interesting things, have some fun and enhance you interest in order for to get more into the field of data analysis.

Software Used

You may use a version of Microsoft Office Excel 2010 and SQL Server 2012. There is an evaluation download available at the official Microsoft web site.


Imagine, you are a business analyst for your sales manager. For the meeting with the marketing director, the sales manager asks you to plan marketing campaigns for the next half year. Therefore, you should use data mining algorithms to get more inside about your customers.

For this, you will use an information system, which is called a Data Warehouse.

A Data Warehouse is nothing secret. It is a fast database which contains many data in order to support the decision making process in a business. The data is arranged in a way that the business user can satisfy their information demands by their own. Therefore, a good data warehouse hides the complexity of technical data structures and offers its rich information content to business users in their daily business language.

Building a data warehouse is a complex thing that fills tons of interesting books. Search for DATA WAREHOUSE in Wikipedia and you will find some good references and more details.

The information contained in a data warehouse is huge and clearly arranged. Microsoft Office Excel provides very powerful functions to get access to many data warehouse systems such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.

So, let us start now.

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