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PowerPivot: Marketing Mix

In the PowerPivot ribbon, data view, F_Monthly_Sales table, add two new columns:

  • SalesAmountCampaign: =IF(F_Monthly_Sales[ID_Campaign]>0;F_Monthly_Sales[Sales_Amount];0)
  • SalesAmountNoCampaign: =IF(F_Monthly_Sales[ID_Campaign]=0;F_Monthly_Sales[Sales_Amount];0)

:!: International students, note that some Excel versions use the , (comma) as the formula separator!

Create a PowerPivot query

Rows Values
Calender_Month_ISO Sum of SalesAmountNoCampaign
Sum of SalesAmountCampaign
Sum of SalesAmount

Format the columns with Home → Conditional Formating → Data Bars

Your report should look like this:

Does your marketing campaigns fit to the sales session?

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