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We will now create some dashboards on your data cubes.

Analyse the Sales Perspective

Open PowerBI Desktop and close the welcome screen.

From the Home ribbon, select Get Data → Microsoft Analysis Services.

  • Server: NO MDB
  • Select your cube NO SID SalesAnalysis or use the default cube GameNO GID SalesAnalysis
  • click on radio button Import :!:

Import is the only connection type that brings to bear the full capabilities of the Power BI Desktop. Import will pull in the data from the data sources that you have connected to and store & compress the data within the PBIX file. Then, we can easily publish the dashboard on the PowerBI cloud server and see it on any device without refreshing the data. Otherwise, we need to setup a scheduler, that refreshes the data on a regular base. The mobile solution would not work!

Select the perspective Analyse Profit.

Select all measures from the Sales Measures and Cost Measures.

Select the dimensions D_Store, D_Time.

Load the data.

Create a dashboard. Here is an example.

Save it as File → Save as … → NO GID-NO SID-SalesAnalysis

Create a mobile layout via View → Phone Layout.

Layout Setting

Don't you like your template colors? Download a color schema.

Next, publish your dashboard to

File → Publish → Publish to PowerBI.

Connect with the following username and password.

  • Username:
  • Password: Password123

Download PowerBI app for any device. Sign in and view your mobile report.

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