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Implement your Business Plan

There are 4 steps to do now:

  1. select a location
  2. order the products
  3. employ people
  4. book marketing campaigns

In a team of 4, assign one task to each team member.

Start the web application

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  • Login with your user name and password
    • Username: NO U01
    • Password: NO U01
If you don't see a valid user name and password, please add your username to the list of stores and ask your lecturer to create the ODS user for you!

Add a Store

ERP → Rent a Location → Add New

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How to add a new store?

  • Location Address: add street and zip and city
  • Location URL: add URL, if you found the location in the web
  • Location size m2: how big is the store?
  • Location rent per m2: add the monthly rent per m2 in Euros
  • Location energy costs: add the monthly location energy costs in Euro
  • Location rental commission: due to legal changes in Germany, add 0.
  • Location Size Warehouse PCT: what is the percentage of the warehouse related to the total shop space.

Then, click on Edit and select your location ✔

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Save your selection.

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Order your bikes at the manufacturer.

Use ERP → LO Procurement

  • Click on Add New.
  • Select Back to List.
  • Click on Purchase Order Item (32).

Select the product category, click on Inline Edit and set the number of bikes you want to order at the manufacturing.

Click to enlarge the image

With the transaction ERP → LO Stock, you can always check your orders. Add the bottom line, you will see a summary of the space you used.


Click on ERP → Applicants and hire your personal staff.

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You have to set the annual salary and the sales commission in percentage of the revenue.

In the ERP – Employee function you can always see a list of your employees

Marketing Campaign

Click on CRM – MM – Corp. Marketing Campaign

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To select a Marketing campaign, click the Edit button.

You can select the number of addresses, flyers, etc.

After you have saved your selection, the marketing activity will occur in the “Your marketing campaigns Overview”.

In the Your Campaign Bookings per Month, you have to select the month when your campaign should occur. Please note that you will have to pay for each month you run your campaign.

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